Virtual Reality (VR) / Oculus Rift

My VR work includes:

Oculus Rift in Action

Web Design

As a freelance web developer, I have designed and created web sites from start to finish. My services include information architecture, usability analysis, graphic design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, SEO, and content migration. Some examples of my work are below:

MontaVista Software, Inc.

I worked for MontaVista Software for 12 years as a technical writer and web developer. In addition to writing user manuals and other technical guides, I also created and maintained MontaVista's subscription-only support web site, MontaVista Zone. Over those 12 years, the site grew from an initial 25 pages to almost 40,000 pages. I created the site architecture to allow this growth while working with a graphic designer to make the site visually appealing and with a web engineer to create the back-end tools needed to maintain the site.


The following is a quick (~1 minute) video overview of the site. I created this video to provide a way for potential customers to see what MontaVista Zone offers.




Please contact me for writing samples.